Kava Kava Root Powder

Kava Powder – The Natural Anxiolytic

Have you ever seen someone who looks pale and trembling and when you look at this person’s eyes closely, you will see that his pupils are dilated? This person might be suffering from anxiety. It is an unpleasant feeling of apprehension associated with fear or worry. It usually ends as soon as you get over the situation but if it does not go away, then it might get worse over time.

Kava 1/2 LB (1/2 Pound)

2 - Kava 1/2 LB (1/2 Pound)


Kava 1 LB (1 Pound)

1 - Kava 1 LB (1 Pound)


Kava 3 LBS (3 Pounds)

3 - Kava 3 LBS (3 Pounds)



For as long as man exists, stress and anxiety is unavoidable and one should find ways to feel calm and relaxed so as not to worsen his condition and suffer more. There are many options to feel calmed and relaxed and what is fascinating is that we can actually have this through the natural products which are safer and keep us away from potential risks. One of these natural alternatives is the Kava powder from the roots of the Kava plant. There are even evidences that Kava drink is likely more effective than placebo as treatment for short-term social anxiety. This has been used in the past by ancient people to relax after a tiring work. It induces sleep and makes you feel alert and inspired the following day.

Kava powder came from the finely ground, and processed Kava root of the Kava plant. The roots of the Kava plant contain the highest concentration of kavalactones-a psychoactive component responsible for its calming effect. This very beneficial plant originated in the Pacific islands, and commonly used in places like Hawaii, Vanuatu, Melanesia and some parts of Micronesia and Australia.

The preparation of this natural anxiolytic is quite time consuming but many claimed its effectives. In the past, Kava drink is prepared by chewing, grinding or pounding of the roots, added with cold water and consumed quickly. At present, we already have the Kava powder. One tablespoon is added per cup of water but you can add up to eight tablespoons to increase its strength and potency. Some would add lecithin to aid in the emulsification of kavalactones with water. The mixture of Kava powder, lecithin and water is then blended and after which, the mixture is strained discarding all the pulp and leaving the now ready to consume beverage.

Unlike other anxiolytics, the Kava drink does not cause dependence and does not cause tolerance build up. It is a mild sedative that relaxes you naturally, giving you a restful sleep and gives you a positive attitude the day after consuming it.

Regarding side effects and safety, one should not perform activities which might cause accidents since Kava is a mild sedative. There are issues that are linked to elevated liver enzymes largely due to those who used the stems and leaves as opposed by the traditional users. Ancient users suggest that the roots should only be the sole source. There are recommended servings. It is important to adhere to such recommendations.

Being anxious interferes with our ability to think and concentrate on our daily tasks. One could actually relax naturally and safely without the potential risks of prescription drugs. Stress and anxiety can be reduced with this excellent natural alternative.

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